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Re: Dual monitors

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Many thanks to everyone who has replied both in the list and personally.

I am inclined towards a 17" TFT monitor and it seems that digital inputs 
are the way to go. However, I'd like to use it with an analogue CRT so 
would need a card with both analogue and digital outs.

Can anyone recommend - or warn against! - any 17" TFTs with a digital In 
- preferably at a reasonable price (:-).

Also, any dual graphics cards, preferably with both analogue and digital 
Outs or just digital Outs.

Thanks again.


> I found some references to this a while back but I'd be grateful for 
> any up-to-date information about dual monitors and dual graphics 
> cards that anyone would be kind enough to pass on.
> I'm looking to get a new PC and would like to get a good performance 
> from the graphics side. I've heard some folks say the Matrox cards 
> are not so hot and the ATI not much better!
> Would very much appreciate any opinions.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Ian