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Re: labor markets

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Does GIGO ring any bells.  Cleaning it up is what pays my bills. 
Garbage In - Garbage Out.  Kind of reminds me of when Lotus 123 hit
corporate america.  Everyone just accepted the printed spreadsheet as
the unchallenged truth, that is until the auditors took a serious look
at the numbers.  Or maybe "Penny Wise - Dollar Foolish fits better.

Harley Meyer wrote:
> >From time to time we discuss broader issues that surround TA. I was
> reading about one of the companies that I have an investment in. I found
> this to be very interesting and innovative with respect to how a company
> handles the cost of labor in a tight labor market. Just another example
> of how technology can make us productive.
> --------------excerpt-----------
> ``We believe a distinctive benefit our proprietary software provides is
> that it enables us to employ analytically bright people who don't have
> any programming training. Recent hires without prior programming
> experience are functioning as competent analysts in less than a month.
> This gives us the ability to increase production capacity rapidly and at
> a lower cost than originally anticipated, since we will not have to
> compete for scarce, experienced COBOL programmers.''
> -----------------------------------
> Harley