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Re: Black-Hole ratio

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Hi Mr. Maas,

Thank you for your excellent post. Great contribution from yourself
and our TA friends in Holland.


Jan Sleegers as seen on Dutch TV TROS teletext P351 Monday/Thursday
(for the use in Metastock rewritten by Ton Maas Amsterdam,NL 971124)


With the average of the daily HIGH and LOW we have the Daily Mid Price

By moderating the DMP for the last 5 days we find the Mid-5.

A 10 day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the Mid-5 shows a flattened
trend line, which is used as the short-term trend's trigger line.

Subtracting this 10 day SMA from the Daily Mid Price (DMP) gives the
Black Hole Ratio (BHR).

When the BHR is above 100, it is positive and below 100, negative.

Divergence between the indicator and the security's price / DMP can be

implemented, as with any other oscillator. For visibility of the
powerful signals generated by both indicators, a chart is displayed
divided into 3 inner windows:

     1. top window : DMP Mid-5 with its 10 SMA
     2. mid window : Black Hole Ratio with its 10 SMA
			(horizontal line at +100)
     3. bot window : Security's Price

In MetaStock 6.x:

Name     : Black Hole DMP Mid-5 -Jan Sleegers(#099)

Formula :

((HIGH +
 Ref( HIGH, -1) +
 Ref( HIGH, -2) +
 Ref( HIGH, -3) +
 Ref( HIGH, -4) + LOW
 + Ref( LOW, -1)
 + Ref( LOW, -2)
 + Ref( LOW, -3)
 + Ref( LOW, -4)) / 2) / 5
 { REMinder: (5 day DMP)/5 }

Indicator :

Name     : Black Hole Ratio -Jan Sleegers


((HIGH + LOW) / 2) - Mov(Fml("099"), 10, S ) + 100
{ REMinder: (DMP - (MA10 of Mid-5))+100 }

Note: For the Fml() function to work well, use the above mentioned
names entirely. If a formula, with the same part of the name (#099),
already exists, then change this number to one that is not in use.  


From: "A.J. Maas" <anthmaas@xxxxxx>

Excellent indicators (very useful for short term (1-4 months)

Check out history data with them, you will be pleased (Aug87-SELL /
Negative- STAGE3, and 2 months before Crash days - STAGE4).

Tested them combined with Mo(90), RSI, Stoch(50,1), MFI, OBV, CMO and
CCI. I also use TAM's Bollinger OB/OS indicator for early
warnings/signals. (Tech. Anal. Mag. (TAM) from Triple Assets -
Maastricht,NL). In TAM no.7, David Fuller, a well known Canadian T.A.-
technician, expects we're heading for a 30-45% dive, so I think my
target of 5153 for the Dow (-39%) is still reasonable (see previous
mails/charts). Ahold's target +/- 20 will be reached within the next 6
months (F/C 20 has not been thoroughly tested yet (min. 12 months).

AEX's target 525 (AEX=Amsterdam Exchange), by collapsing H+S's, overal
looks the same as the Dow (see previous mails/charts).  In Marcel
Rila's Mag.- "Trend analyses according to the STAGING method" (from
Investa-NL), he says we are now in STAGE3 (of the 4 stages stocks will
go through in time), STAGE4 is the disaster period (previous support
levels (F/C's) will be tested), before we get to any sideways trends
(STAGE1) or even an uptrend (STAGE2).  I would not be surprised if the
US$ will collapse (small H+S's, target DutchGldr 1.70). 

Cause probably due to declining yields + Asian influence on profits.
Jan '98 (NewYear forecasts) will see lower profit warnings by all
major global companies (-20/-90) high tech, consumption, trading,
heavy machinery, airlines, industrial goods etc., but probably not the
local orientated companies.

Enjoy the Black Hole Indicator, and for the technical state of the
market try Mo(90) (Momentum) with SMA(50) full screen!!

Chart attachments omitted... see thread

Edited for clarity.

Just curious, what is "(-20/-90)"  in:

>>major global companies (-20/-90) high tech, consu....

-= Chris  =-