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Re: Trade Station 6 ??

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On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Paul Weston wrote:

> I am currently in the process of moving my account from TradeStation
> Securities because of their trading platform.  I both day trade and position
> trade.
> Here are some of the reasons that I am moving my account:
> 1) You can trade extended hours, but you can't plot them.
> 2) You can't enter orders outside of market hours.
> 3) You can't enter GTC orders.  That means stops have to be entered every
> day, and in my case because it is an IRA, I can't enter orders until 0930.
> 4) They don't have the ability to take OCO orders.
> That makes the trading platform unusable for me.  If you are just day
> trading during regular hours, it might work for you.

What/who are you moving your account to?