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Trade Station 6 ??

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I am about to begin trading after a long Hiatus. I was a Trade Station user
8 years ago and Loved the product. I am disappointed in their decision to
drop the Ts product line but feel that doing an integrated Brokerage Trading
Platform with the Power of Trade station was initially a good idea. I Like
the ease of use of a Trade station Product and the ability to write my own
indicators and back test. It appears you can do this on TS 6 .
My real question is whether Tradstation Securities is any good. Are they
fast can they get good fills? Have there been any major problems? I think
that sometimes people get too caught up in the technology and forget the
trading. If I want to do some back testing but more Chat pattern trading and
want an online brokerage that is reliable with good order entry system is
Trade station 6 the way to go? If  not please any sugestions.

Douglas Correll