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RE: TS vs. Internet Connectivity

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You and I both agree but the problem identification still remains. It is
ignorant to blame the order entry problem on TRAD when the problem is with
one's own connection.

When a data feed/ order entry problem occurs with TS6, then:

A) look at the ping results. If it isn't pinging, it isn't TRAD's problem.
B) if it is pinging, open a browser. If you cannot, it isn't TRAD's problem,
it's your ISP.
C) if it is pinging and you can open a browser, do a TRACERT to trace the
route of the connection. If that times out somewhere along the way BEFORE it
gets to TRAD's routers and servers, it isn't TRAD's problem.
D) if the TRACERT fails IN TRAD's servers/ routers, it *IS* TRAD's problem.

So, just because an order fails or a data feed stops because of "connection"
problems, we cannot quickly blame TRAD because there are several failure
points along the way. Of course, when the problem (D) IS with TRAD, then we
should blame TRAD, broadcast it, contract TRAD, and broadcast it if you

Wes Williams

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> FWIW, ping won't identify data delivery outages from TRAD. Everything is
> still up. TRADS servers, routers, any hops etc., As far as I can tell, the
> problem is their software that serves TS6, but I can't prove it because
> their servers (obviously) aren't broadcasting any public traps or any
> diagnostics that I can detect. And of course TRAD wouldn't admit to the
> problem, right? But it's sure a problem. I frequently observe data outages
> some of which last for 20-30 minutes! It's absurd.
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> Subject:	TS vs. Internet Connectivity
> Jerry,
> are you sure that it was their feed and not your connection? I have a
> continuous ping running all day on my server and I know instantaneously if
> my connection is down.
> Just run:
> > ping -t [ip of your internet gateway from IPCONFIG]
> Usually if my feed stops it is the connection and not them.
> Wes Williams
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> >
> >
> > I agree - Their feed dropped out today for several minutes. The
> deceptive
> > thing is that if you aren't in a trade and watching it will
> automatically
> > catch up and fill in the old data so it appears as if you did not miss
> > anything but you were infact blind for a bit unless you have
> another feed.
> >
> > Jerry
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