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RE: TS vs. Internet Connectivity

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FWIW, ping won't identify data delivery outages from TRAD. Everything is
still up. TRADS servers, routers, any hops etc., As far as I can tell, the
problem is their software that serves TS6, but I can't prove it because
their servers (obviously) aren't broadcasting any public traps or any
diagnostics that I can detect. And of course TRAD wouldn't admit to the
problem, right? But it's sure a problem. I frequently observe data outages
some of which last for 20-30 minutes! It's absurd.

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are you sure that it was their feed and not your connection? I have a
continuous ping running all day on my server and I know instantaneously if
my connection is down.

Just run:
> ping -t [ip of your internet gateway from IPCONFIG]

Usually if my feed stops it is the connection and not them.

Wes Williams

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> I agree - Their feed dropped out today for several minutes. The deceptive
> thing is that if you aren't in a trade and watching it will automatically
> catch up and fill in the old data so it appears as if you did not miss
> anything but you were infact blind for a bit unless you have another feed.
> Jerry