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Re: Metastock and Win NT

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Hi Thomas,

I'm using MS6.5 with NT4.0 service pack 3, and it's just great. Just great.

I had nothing but problems with the Win95 /MS6.0 version, but on Frank's
recommendation, finally made the switch, and you know what ? MS tech support
was right......I believe the crash/lock-up problems I had were related to
the operating system, as I tried MS6.0 first, and even it seemed more

Just make sure that, if you want to open a lot of charts at once, be sure to
have adequate RAM (NT uses system ram and not just non-configurable "system
resources") Also, a pentium processor is essential.....you don't want to
load an OS that big on anything less.


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Is anybody using Metastock on Win NT and can tell me his experiences?