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Metastock and Win NT

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David Trader wrote:
> Do you recommend his book(5 day momentum method) and did you read Hit and Run Trading? Are they worth the money? What was the most important thing you learned from his method?
> David

Have not read Hit & Run.  Others have and posted comments.  I don't
remember that many in favor of it.

5 Days looks promising.  Currently testing it with the default and
optimized settings.  Understand testing includes can "I" make money with
it.  Paper trading time to see if it matches my personality and what I

As for the book, it is clear and simple.  There is one point where the
text settings do not match the examples in the back.  This is what
prompted me to try a little optimization.  Got better returns by
tweeking their defaults.  I am still working on trying to get better
test exit stop definitions in the Tester.

I think Jeff Cooper is accessable through another web site.  Trying to
see if he will discuss using other values.

I also got Pitbull at the same time.  Jury still out on this one also. 
Maybe if I combine the two...5 Days With A Pitbull In Heat.......

Both do reinforce one of the best rules of trading - PATIENCES.  They
also present another way to view what most of us are looking at anyway. 
This is one of the main reasons I ordered them.  Kind of like rereading
a good book on technical trading - you would be suprised to rediscover
what you already knew but forgot to use.