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Hi Jeff,
I wouldn't advise using astrology for investment decisions. As you know the
Heavens are fixed - barring diverse asteroid strikes (eg. Black Octobers) &
Big Bangs (eg. Japan: deferred indefenitely). Markets on the other hand are
volatile, so astrology is out. I considered the Tarot which has one great
advantage over astrology: If you don't like the way the cards fall, you can
immediately reshuffle and have a new prediction. However, as we deal mostly
with numbers, I think a numerological approach is what any sane trader just
plain _has_ to use.

Here comes the one and only recipe for successfull esoteric trading. As you
know, the basis of all esoterica is "The Small is like the Big". It is
self-evident that the Big can only be the Dow-30. The Small then, can only be
pennies, that is the decimals of their equity prices. Convert these to binary
numbers (we live in the Age of Binarious, you know), and add them together.
The last (ie. Smallest) digit will unfailingly tell you where the market is
heading: 0 = down; 1 = up.

Make your dispositions accordingly, and I can assure you that you'll have
results at least as good as those of the "Random Walk" theory adherents.

The above algorithm IS NOT freeware and may only be used on provision that
you send the author thereof one dollar for every trade placed using this

SPECIAL OFFER: For the coming three months (Dec. through Feb) you only have
to reimburse the author on successful trades. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED ON

Jan Willem Roberts