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Re: TS2k reliability - an idea

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Richard said:
> My system is remarkably like your own: 1.33 GB Celeron, 512 PC133
> RAM, 40 GB 7200 rpm IBM SpeedStar, altho I'm running Win98SE.  

ztrader said:
> An idea. I just moved TS4 from an old but reliable machine to a new
> Win2000 computer. Guess what - it doesn't work well at all, by
> comparison.

Bizarre.  When TS2k was new, just about everybody agreed that Windows 
2000 was absolutely necessary to handle TS's memory appetite &etc.  
And it's well known that W2k is MUCH better than W9x for resource 
management, application stability, etc.

And yet we have at least some cases of TS2k working flawlessly on W98 
and blowing up on W2k.

(BTW I know of many rock-solid TS2k's on W2k, too, so W2k isn't the 
whole problem.)

> Finally, bottom line - what video cards are being used in the
> systems that ARE reliable? I'd be willing to try another one if
> several people find it reliable. 

Simon wrote:
> Bingo!
> Exactly what I was about to suggest as another possible reason.
> I have a machine here with a Matrox G550, running Win2k. Generally
> hugely unstable, until I upgraded to the very VERY latest Matrox
> drivers, then instantaneously, everything tightened right up. 

Hm.  I would be very surprised if my video card was the cause of my 
problems.  I don't see ANY kinds of problems with the rest of the 
system (other than occasional networking funnies).  Maybe TS2k 
stresses the video driver harder than anything else, but nothing else 
(including TS4) has any problems on the system.

Also, most of my TS2k problems don't look like video-driver problems. 
 For example, when the system performance report locks up in the 
middle of recalculation, I don't see how the video driver could be 
involved.  Most of my crashes seem to be unrelated to video stuff too.

But who knows.  Stranger things have happened.

I'm running a Matrox G450 on W2k.  I've updated to driver, 
which was current until 9 days ago.  Simon, which driver are you 
running on your G550?  The G450 and G550 seem to run the same drivers.