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Re: asking possible MS-Office conflict W/TS 4.0

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Installing any MS Office higher than Office 97 will "destroy" the 16-bit
part of ODBC that is used by Omega 4.

However, several people reported that they do not have any problems with
that, but in most cases you will not be able to operate with TS4 normally
after installing Office 2000 or Office XP (and even uninstall of Office will
not help).

Somebody also emailed me that he copied all 16-bit ODBC dlls before
installing Office 2000 and copied them back after the install - this will
work for sure, but I do not remember the details (exact name of the dlls

I hope you'll receive more detailed help from the fellow omega-listers.


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From: "Kim McAdams" <kmcadams@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 9:32 PM
Subject: asking possible MS-Office conflict W/TS 4.0

> Hello All,
> I am running Windows2000Pro w/ Tradestation 4.0 . It's running just fine
> I don't want to invite any new problems... And so my question concerns any
> possible conflicts by installing and running Microsoft Office 2000. My
> Tradestation and MSOffice would not be running at the same time but
> on the same server. (I understand that there might be possible problems
> DLL's - is that true?)
> Any input would be greatly appreciated...
> Thanks in advance,
> Kim
> PS- feel free to respond in private as well
> kmcadams@xxxxxxxxxxxxx