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GlobalServer problem-lost data

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TS2K and Win98

Early in the morning on 1/19/02 I lost my power and my nightly
maintenance didn’t run.  The computer shut down overnight and I had to
complete a scan disk in the morning to get the computer up again,  This
as happened to me several times in the past without problems other than
it taking a very long time for the GlobalServer to initialize and load..

This time it was different.  My symbol portfolio was there but all the
info when I went into "Edit Data" was lost, from the stock info on the
first tab to the data on the last.  I ran the nightly maintenance and I
downloaded the tick and daily data from History Bank for 1/18.  After I
did this, all of the info for the symbol portfolio returned but when I
looked at the last tab of edit data , some of my symbols showed the
available date range of just being 1/18, while others had all the tick
and daily data I collected over the years.  The exchange doesn’t make a
difference.  Some NASDAQ stocks have one day of data while other have
them all.  Needless to say, some of my charts won’t work because the
symbol only has 1 day of data.  I think the data is there somewhere but
the program just doesn’t “see” it.

I hope I made this problem understandable and I would welcome any help
in getting this lost data back.

Thanks in advance.