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Re: GlobalServer problem-lost data

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Hello Kirshner,

Sunday, January 20, 2002, 5:50:00 PM, you wrote:

K> TS2K and Win98

K> Early in the morning on 1/19/02 I lost my power and my nightly
K> maintenance didnít run.  The computer shut down overnight and I had to
K> complete a scan disk in the morning to get the computer up again,  This
K> as happened to me several times in the past without problems other than
K> it taking a very long time for the GlobalServer to initialize and load..
K> I hope I made this problem understandable and I would welcome any help
K> in getting this lost data back.

K> Thanks in advance.

K> Barry
sorry I really can't help specifically but I would advise everyone to
do the following just to protect yourself against data loss:

I trade futures for a living using real-time data and cannot afford to
lose tick history or to be down for any length of time during the day
which would happen if I have a computer crash and have to restart the
global server and let it rebuild the data base.

Every evening at the close of the regular market, I shut down the GS
and copy from the Omega Program file, the server, mywork, and universe
folders to a backup drive.  Then if during the next day I have a
lockup or other computer crash, rather than restarting the GS and
waiting for it to rebuild, I just reboot, copy the above backup folders
back into the program folder and go.  For the rest of the day I can
only see data from my reboot time forward but at the end of the day I
rebuild the whole day from the history bank.  If as in your case the
crash was outside RTH then you haven't lost anything and can just copy
your backups over and no loss.

Hope this helps in the future

Best regards,
 Roger                            mailto:mailrs@xxxxxxxxxx