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Re: Video card for 4 monitors

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Hello erwilm45,

Saturday, January 19, 2002, 11:12:01 PM, you wrote:

eyc> Can you please share your thoughts on video cards that support four
eyc> monitors?  I'm using a Matrox G450 dual monitor setup, and am looking
eyc> to upgrade.

I've had two types of multi monitor adaptors.  I currently use the
Maxtrox G200 MMS on 4 LCD's.  I have never been happy with it!! There is always
something going on with it.  Dragging is jerky.  At times areas are left
unpainted, somehow IE and it just do not get along.

My first card was a Appian dual monitor control, it was stable and fast.

Best regards,
 Ernie                            mailto:ebonugli@xxxxxxxx