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I almost paid $5000 for ProSuite 2000i. After a short period, Omega Research
announced they would simply abandon the product and the tech support
(see below).

This product has been buggy from the beginning. Bill Cruz sold to thousands
of customers an ALPHA (not even a BETA !) version for $3000 or $5000.
Do you remember all the Service Packs ?

I encourage everyone NOT to subscribe to the $795/month NEW SCAM
of OmegaResearch (see : http://www.tradestation.com/individual/fees/default.shtm )
and to find alternatives to TradeStation.

I think Bill Cruz should be prosecuted by the CFTC or by his customers.

Your opinion ?

Denis Plat


TradeStation Technologies will no longer accept domestic sales orders for the 2000i
line of client software products. 

The day before yesterday it was rumored that TradeStation Technologies intends to
stop selling and furthermore, terminates support of the widely known product
ProSuite2000i. Sadly, we had no official comment from TradeStation Technologies'
representatives or their official site. 

What's known unofficially is the following: 

"We are writing to advise you that effective August 28, 2001 TradeStation Technologies,
Inc. will no longer accept domestic sales orders for the 2000i line of client software products. 

TradeStation Technologies, Inc. will continue to offer technical support for registered
users of these products for the foreseeable future, but technical support will be phased
out over time." 

"All TradeStation Technologies' client software products come with a 30-day, money-back
guarantee. The 2000i products are no longer available in the U.S. Please contact
International@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to order directly or to learn about resellers in your area." 

What is the meaning of this? Only the officials could tell exactly, but probably TradeStation
Technologies intend to pull out of trading software development and become a brokerage
firm. It's even likely they'll attempt to remove the 2000i product line from use altogether,
leaving users without a choice. 

It is very hard to judge what such a reconstruction might lead to. TradeStation has become
almost a standard in trading software, and EasyLanguage a lingua franca for system traders
around the world. If what we know is true, the platform will be cut off from the rest of the world,
since users would be limited to its proprietary quotes only. The same relates to brokerage
services. Time will tell, could then TS remain a standard or depart into shadows. It's hard to
imagine who might truly compete with TradeStation at present. 

We intend to do our best to provide TradeStation users with decent support. Presently we are
working on a number of products meant as alternatives to TS Pro. Our software will widen the
possibilities of TS2000i and provide all the benefits of TS Pro, BUT leaving the choice of the
data vendor and broker to the user.