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Re: Point and Figure systems

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I have recently developed a Point & Figure indicator that will display the
high and low levels of a P&F chart over a normal bar chart. I have not
had time to develop a system based on this indicator. It is written in
TS2K. I will share this(If you wish), as soon as I have TradeStation
re-installed (currently rebuilding my computer).
        Adam Hefner

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From: "Manie Esterhuizen" <hzes@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <omega-list@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 12:11 AM
Subject: Point and Figure systems

> I am currently busy with an intraday system based on Point and Figure
> for trading index futures.
> I'm experiencing three problems in this regard and would appreciate any
> or suggestions.
> My first problem is to write code to test the performance of different box
> sizes and reversal box sizes. I can't find any examples of this and have
> idea how to do it or if it can be done.
> Is it possible to write code which determine the format of the chart, for
> example point and figure charts or bars charts?
> Currently I put a Point and figure chart on display and for every test I
> I change the box size on the "Format Symbol" window. This is very time
> consuming and not really effective.
> My second problem is to write an exit signal to use in the point and
> system. I want a signal similar to the "Percent (%) Risk Trailing Stop
> and Short Exits" but the exit should take place on the current bar.
> As I am using a point and figure system it is to late to receive the exit
> signal on the next bar because in reality the signal is only created when
> the reversal has already taken place and the price is already down by
> boxes (if a three box reversal is used).
> I want the exit signal to close out a long or short position when the
> go down a certain percentage from the high of the current bar. The exit
> signal should occur within the current point and figure bar if the
> percentage in ticks is less than the number of ticks in the reversal box
> size. If it is bigger it is obvious that the exit signal should only occur
> in a later point and figure bar.
> My third problem is to set alerts for entry and exit signals that occur
> during a point and figure bar. For my system it is essential that the
> signals for entries and exits are created for the current bar.  The
> normally create orders for the next bar. When I put a strategy on the
> the entries are shown but no alert are given.
> Regards
> Manie