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Re: coding of Williams PRO-GO Indicator ?

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I can't believe I have come far enough with TS to help out someone else
with EasyLanguage.

Shadow wrote:
>My feeble attempt to EL code this simple indicator (at
>the bottom) is not too successful - - - any
>suggestions, guys ?

Yes.  You can't use an expression in a function that requires a time
series variable as an argument.
>Inputs: Len1(14)
>value1=Close of yesterday
>value2=Open of today
>value3=Close of Today
>plot1 (Avg (value2-value1,14) "Public");
>plot2 (value3-value2, Len1, "Pro");

The Avg function needs a time series, not an expression that has no

Try this instead (typed into the e-mail without testing):

Inputs: Len1(14);
Variables: pro(0), pub(0);
if currentbar > 1 then begin
   pro = EMA(pro[1], Open - Close[1], Len1);
   pub = EMA(pub[1], Close - Open, Len1);
else begin
   pro = 0;
   pub = 0;
plot1(pub, "Public");
plot2(pro, "Pro");

I wish you luck with this.  I wasted a week investigating ProGo and
a lot of variants I invented.  It does indicate some turns, however
it seemed to have more false signals than positive ones.  At best
it's a set-up, not a signal itself.

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