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NumericRef Function question

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Hello All,

Question: If I have an Indicator or Signal that is plotted on a TICK chart,
but is coded to call a Function for only one Tick every N minutes (and I've
confirmed that it is doing so correctly),

AND, if the Function I'm calling normally uses NumericRef inputs for the
data that I want calculated and passed back to the calling Indicator/Signal,

AND, if the Data that I'm passing to the Function from the Indicator/Signal
are declared as NumericSeries,

Will the NumericRef inputs of the Function attempt to update back to the
Indicator/Signal on every Tick anyway?

It appears to be so from my observation, and I'm about to "kludge" the
Function by splicing the same "one tick every N minutes" condition into it,
but I just wanted to get the undisclosed logic correct here before banging
my head against the wall...

Many thanks,

Gene Pope