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Re[2]: TS6 futures fills

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Hello Free,

here's my 2 cents.  I use TS6 as a second data feed and the charting.
But I pay them ~$100 per month + exch fees.  I trade on another
platform (Best Direct).  If you are trading short term SP's, I want
redundancy.  With TS6 it seems you could lose not only your feed but
your ability to trade electronically.  So for me it is two machines,
two feeds, two mice, two keyboards, satellite and internet, two
brokers, etc.

Besides, their commissions aren't that good last I checked.  You can
do better and easily cover the $100 per month if you trade a lot.

Redundant in New Jersey

Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 10:48:36 AM, you wrote:

F> Good and timely fills here.  As with any web browser order system, there are
F> slight delays in loading pages and switching screens, but I have seen much
F> worse.  The pop-up fill report takes perhaps 10-15 seconds, but I bypass
F> that by clicking the fills status window, and the data there is close to
F> real-time.  I hope TRAD integrates futures with the Order Bar - this should
F> be as good as systems that use a client app for execution and reports (e.g.
F> ZAP).

F> In short, I think execution is first-rate; reporting has some slight delays.

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F> I'm considering using TS6 platform for trading the emini S&P.  I would
F> appreciate comments from anyone doing this now re: quality and timeliness of
F> fills.  Thanks.

Best regards,
 Jim                            mailto:jejohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx