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RE: Re[2]: TS6 futures fills

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I agree - Their feed dropped out today for several minutes. The deceptive
thing is that if you aren't in a trade and watching it will automatically
catch up and fill in the old data so it appears as if you did not miss
anything but you were infact blind for a bit unless you have another feed.


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> Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 11:47 AM
> To: Free
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> Subject: Re[2]: TS6 futures fills
> Hello Free,
> here's my 2 cents.  I use TS6 as a second data feed and the charting.
> But I pay them ~$100 per month + exch fees.  I trade on another
> platform (Best Direct).  If you are trading short term SP's, I want
> redundancy.  With TS6 it seems you could lose not only your feed but
> your ability to trade electronically.  So for me it is two machines,
> two feeds, two mice, two keyboards, satellite and internet, two
> brokers, etc.
> Besides, their commissions aren't that good last I checked.  You can
> do better and easily cover the $100 per month if you trade a lot.
> Redundant in New Jersey
> Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 10:48:36 AM, you wrote:
> F> Good and timely fills here.  As with any web browser order
> system, there are
> F> slight delays in loading pages and switching screens, but
> I have seen much
> F> worse.  The pop-up fill report takes perhaps 10-15
> seconds, but I bypass
> F> that by clicking the fills status window, and the data
> there is close to
> F> real-time.  I hope TRAD integrates futures with the Order
> Bar - this should
> F> be as good as systems that use a client app for execution
> and reports (e.g.
> F> ZAP).
> F> In short, I think execution is first-rate; reporting has
> some slight delays.
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> F> From:   rascal2 [mailto:rascal2@xxxxxxxxx]
> F> Sent:   Wednesday, January 16, 2002 10:26 AM
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> F> Subject:        TS6 futures fills
> F> I'm considering using TS6 platform for trading the emini
> S&P.  I would
> F> appreciate comments from anyone doing this now re: quality
> and timeliness of
> F> fills.  Thanks.
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> Best regards,
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