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Re[2]: Popular Searches- Microsoft Pop-up

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Hello Alan,

I agree Opera is a superior product in terms of functionality but v6.0
continues to freeze up on my machine virtually everyday.  I actually
put in in moth balls for awhiile.  Doesn't seem to be fully ready for
prime time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 6:51:51 AM, you wrote:

AC> Hello Don,

AC> This is so typical of MS.I get so tired of pop ups . I
AC> have adaware and it helps but the pop ups keep re
AC> appearing. IE is such Crap.We should all revolt :-)

AC> My suggestion is to Use an Opera 6.0 web browser. It
AC> has an option on the right mouse click to
AC> block/unblock popups.
AC> Also, It runs in native SDI meaning you can run 30
AC> browser windows in ONE workspace just like in TS5
AC> orTS6. Opera also has MDI option for those who like
AC> the old IE or NN filling up your start bar.
AC> Lots of other great features not available in IE.
AC> Opera will also run on most any OS including PC,
AC> Linux, OS2, Mac, etc.

AC> BTW: Opera is free but with an ad banner at the upper
AC> right :-(  or it costs like $39.00usd for a registered
AC> version. IMHO worth every penny. 

AC> http://www.opera.com/

AC> Alan C.

AC> --- Don Ewers <dbewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> For some reason this small window appears everytime
>> I open OE but never did
>> in the past.
>> It is aggravating since if you attempt to open
>> anything it appears in that
>> little box which cannot be enlarged.  I find myself
>> closing it 20+ times a
>> day.
>> There is also a "Did you know" box that appears
>> (less frequently) I am not
>> interested in.
>> I have not done any recent upgrades with W2000 they
>> just appeared?
>> Does anyone know how to get rid of it (damm MSFT)?

Best regards,
 Jim                            mailto:jejohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx