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Re: CL_DTN dll I instructions

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Was it necessary to reboot the dtn receiver?
No need to wait until Monday.  Sunday will do if you look at the DXY and
@ESH2 and @NQH2 in the afternoon.
Here it is Sunday morning and my GS shows some quotes received and processed
after having done the reg and dl mod Saturday.

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> Rebooting the receiver solved my problems. The system appears to be
> correctly now. You don't need the dll from Omega, but it doesn't appear to
> change anything for the worse and hopefully Omega will come out with the
> correct dll before long. Give them a break, they've only had since August
> to fix this and they had other things more important to do, like learning
> to be a broker.
> It would have helped enormously if Omega had left a note on their ftp site
> explaining the disappearance of the dll. It would have been nice if Omega
> had done the project on time and if not, they should have advised us here
> on this list. I wonder what traders using DTN but not on this list will do
> to prepare for Monday. Together we worked it out for them and I for one am
> proud to be a beta tester. Thanks to everyone who helped on this project.
> The prize goes to "Shadowover BillCruz" who had the closest instructions
> from the start. Here's a big <kiss>
> Here's what I did:
> 1.  export all data from GlobalServer to "Export.xpo" and shut down server
> 2.  use Regedit to modify:
>     change "RequestTimeOut" (double click) to "500" and "Decimal"
>     (these values will be "1f4" and "Hexadecimal" when you revisit)
> 3.  rename c:\tradestation\server\PDS to c:\tradestation\server\OLDpds
> 4.  start GlobalServer offline and import "Export.xpo"
>     (new c:\tradestation\server\PDS is created)
> 5.  open the charting application
>     (all worksheets and charts came up fine on my system)
> 6.  shut everything down, reboot the computer
> 7.  reboot the DTN receiver
>     (Exit/Menu-Next-F2 unplug/plug back in)
> 8.  start GlobalServer online and start the charting ap
>     (stir and wait for Monday)
> I think that's everything, in eight EASY steps. I guess what all this does
> is make GlobalServer slow down enough to absorb the deluge of data from
> new feed without barfing. It still can't read all the new fields until
> Omega finishes the new dll, but at least it doesn't crash. The data files
> have to be created with the new fields thus the export/import cycle to
> them compatible. Or, something like that.