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Re: Reader's Choice Awards - TASC Does it again

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Hello  Jim,

JB> I had to think about this.


JB> This is really not an appropriate comment.

i agree - but neither is the perpetuated RAPE of the general public.

JB> I have
JB> talked to the new editor(a few months back) and it is a she and it is just
JB> not in good taste to make such an inference about a woman.

the comment apply's to a business ethic or rather a lack thereof.

JB> If you really think that TASC will compromise its' integrity by
JB> favoring software purely based upon advertising revenue then you
JB> can make that statement.

then i can make that statement and feel i could certainly defend that
position  in  a court of law, at least here in the states.  i honestly
feel that s&c are crooks with absolutely no integrity at all.

JB> But, keep it at that. For the sake of common courtesy on our list.

no excuses i stand by my act.

JB> Jim Bronke
JB> Phoenix, AZ


Have a Great Day, Mark