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Re: Interactive Broker statment export into Quicken

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For any broker:  once you've got transaction data imported into Quicken 2002
and you have correctly entered the short / buy to cover information, does
anyone know if Turbo Tax will then compute the Wash Sale information

Thanks in advance for any help here


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> works fine. I use it every day. the export functionality matches
> quicken 2001, which does not have short transactions.
> With Quicken 2002 you have to manually change sell's to shorts and the
> corresponding buy to cover-short. IB is aware of this shortcoming.
> --- erwilm45@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > With tax time looming, I was wondering if any of you have tried using
> > the statement export into Quicken feature that Interactive Broker
> > has.
> > If so, what were your experiences.
> >
> > Many thanks in advance for your input.
> >
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