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  I am planning to open a Home Page relating to "How to Use US Chart
Programs". I have two questions:
  (1) What is the most popular format for stock database, is it
MetaStock 255 folder?  (I have difficulty of identifying it. Because
this format is obsolete but other programs do not read the version 6.5
format). I am thinking to define database format readable by US chart
programs for Japanese stocks.
  (2) Is there any public domain chart software worth of being presented
to Japanese amateurs?  (I would like to indicate in my HP one example
program and the common data format, for which I can write a program if
      (a) I tried QuotePlus(demo) but it does not read MSformat.
      (b) Wall Street Analyser SE does not work with the password given
          to me.
Jiro Kato (paruparo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)