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Re: Free quotes by e-mail

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MS 6.5 also fixed my crashing problem (with 6.0).....Don't ask me how, but
I'm not one to argue with success. Also, that simple addition of multiple
issue entries on the downloader put MS6.5 into the "user friendly" catagory
for me. What a difference a ".5" can make !

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From: Harley Meyer <meyer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Richard Estes <restes@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Jan Diederik <jddehaas@xxxxxxx>; Metastock
Date: Saturday, December 27, 1997 12:27 PM
Subject: Re: Cycle formulas

>One thing you forgot to mention was the downloader. Even the
>improvements in the downloader are worth the upgrade cost.   They have
>organized the securites for look up in a better fashion. How you select
>the securities is easier. You can type in a list of symbols seperated by
>commas to bring up a list of securites to select and add. Etc.