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Re: Downloader Question

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Hi Ed,

I've never noticed RTD updating my symbols when they change.  I
created a directory of the S&P400 companies using the Downloader's 6.5
hardcoded symbols and about 5% of them now return "invalid symbol
errors" (I've been too lazy to find and delete them so far).

Does anyone else use a data provider that automatically updates
symbols for them?

Wired ;-( in St. Pete Beach! ;-)

---Ed Middleton <jgelfand@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> To all and equis,
> I have just started downloading data from RTD using the downloader
and have numerous "invalid symbols" error messages in the download
report.  Does anyone know if these are just old symbols from now
non-existent companies?  I assume that if the company was still alive
that RTD would have given me the new symbol to use and update the
database as it has with many other symbol changes.  My original data
base is from the MS6.5 data disk which ends in October 97 therefore
all companies that now are invalid symbols were valid companies less
than two months ago.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I hope to know be able to
participate more in online discussions that I have been following for
the past few months.
> thanks in advance,
> Ed Middleton

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