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Re: Downloader Question

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Ed Middleton wrote:
> To all and equis,
> I have just started downloading data from RTD using the downloader and
> have numerous "invalid symbols" error messages in the download
> report.  Does anyone know if these are just old symbols from now
> non-existent companies?  I assume that if the company was still alive
> that RTD would have given me the new symbol to use and update the
> database as it has with many other symbol changes.  My original data
> base is from the MS6.5 data disk which ends in October 97 therefore
> all companies that now are invalid symbols were valid companies less
> than two months ago.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I hope to know be able to participate
> more in online discussions that I have been following for the past few
> months.
> thanks in advance,
> Ed Middleton
Re-check the symbol as you have entered it in the datapane window.  Was
a "7" required before the symbol for a non-NYSE symbol?.  Was a "@"
required before the symbol for a commodity?  Give an example.

Al Taglavore