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Re: Yhoo 3 of 3

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Hello Dick & Jerry,

The original idea for me came when I was short and then wanted to go
long but didn't because you have to sit for ever waiting for the uptick
to short a NASDAQ stock.

So I decided to open another account. Then I can be short in one account
and daytrade long in the other account if the opportunity came up. I
trade over the internet so I don't have the luxury of being able to call
the broker to do as your friend. But in essence I get the same results.
Except he gets to short on the down tick is the only diffference.

There is one advantage that I see. If something goes against you, you
can go flat and lock in that lose in hopes to work your way out of it.
That is what I am doing with YHOO. You can lock in proftis as well with
out closing out the position. Which what I could of done with YHOO a few
days ago.

Now this is all new to me Jerry so I might look back at this and say,
"Gee was I spinning my wheels." But for now it keeps me on my toes and
keeps me working at this. I get bored very easy. (Must be that 120 IQ.)

Well better go, YHOO is a movin'


> P.S. Harley, is this what you do ?