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Re: Yhoo 3 of 3

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<DIV>Harley,<BR><BR>Suggest you take a look at the IRS &quot;wash sales&quot; 
rule before the end of the<BR>year. You may have a rude tax &quot;surprise&quot; 
waiting for you by trading in and<BR>out of the same stock that you've incurred 
a loss in.<BR><BR>As an aside, shorting individual stocks during a bull market 
is a high<BR>risk/low reward game for the small investor. Especially a NASDAQ 
stock<BR>because you never know what games the market makers are playing. Like 
you've<BR>noticed, when a stock starts to fall it's almost impossible to jump on 
the<BR>downtrend because of the uptick rule. If the stock is optionable, 
it's<BR>smarter to buy the nearmonth PUT, though the volatility part of the 
premium<BR>usually explodes in a fast downdraft.<BR><BR>FYI, when the market in 
general goes thru these period corrections you are<BR>much better off selling 
S&amp;P Spiders (SPY) to play the downside. Check them<BR>out on the AMEX. In 
fact, outside of a few S&amp;P 100 stocks, I trade Spiders<BR>almost 
exclusively.<BR><BR>Just my opinion,<BR>Rick 
Mortellra<BR>Tokyo<BR><BR>-----Original Message-----<BR>From: Harley Meyer 
&lt;meyer@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>To: Dick 
&lt;dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>Cc: <A 
Tuesday, December 16, 1997 5:15 AM<BR>Subject: Re: Yhoo 3 of 
3<BR><BR><BR>&gt;Hello Dick &amp; Jerry,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;The original idea for me 
came when I was short and then wanted to go<BR>&gt;long but didn't because you 
have to sit for ever waiting for the uptick<BR>&gt;to short a NASDAQ 
stock.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;So I decided to open another account. Then I can be short 
in one account<BR>&gt;and daytrade long in the other account if the opportunity 
came up. I<BR>&gt;trade over the internet so I don't have the luxury of being 
able to call<BR>&gt;the broker to do as your friend. But in essence I get the 
same results.<BR>&gt;Except he gets to short on the down tick is the only 
diffference.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;There is one advantage that I see. If something goes 
against you, you<BR>&gt;can go flat and lock in that lose in hopes to work your 
way out of it.<BR>&gt;That is what I am doing with YHOO. You can lock in proftis 
as well with<BR>&gt;out closing out the position. Which what I could of done 
with YHOO a few<BR>&gt;days ago.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Now this is all new to me Jerry 
so I might look back at this and say,<BR>&gt;&quot;Gee was I spinning my 
wheels.&quot; But for now it keeps me on my toes and<BR>&gt;keeps me working at 
this. I get bored very easy. (Must be that 120 IQ.)<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Well better 
go, YHOO is a movin'<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Harley<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; P.S. Harley, is 
this what you do 
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NEW technology ( re: IOM investments)
i just received this e-mail through juno e-mail service:

H45 BACKER32 External Parallel Port back-up system - only $89.99!

The Backer32 stores up to 4GB of data on a standard low-cost VHS
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provide cost effective data backup and archiving facilities.  Backer32
allows you to save and restore directory structures and files to
videotape. Use your home VCR (any ordinary VHS / SVHS / Video 8 /
Camcorder / Betamax video recorder) to protect your computer data. 
Transfers up to 9MB per minute.  Unique built in error correction
facility, as well as verification option for additional security.  One
year warranty.

 System requirements: 
 386 or faster processor 4MB RAM.  
 3.5" disk drive. 
 Parallel port VCR with either SCART or Video In and Out connections.
 New, standard videotapes 

how about that ?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Technology
Vault at 1-800-927-8794 for more information. Operators' hours are from 9
a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

this is not an advertisement as far as i am concerned, just food for