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IBD 70/70 list updated

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Have used Dow Jones News Retrieval for  over 10 years.  Very seldom any
complaint.  Last time was about a bulletin board stock  that my broker
had , but I couldn't pick it up.  Within four days, Dow sent a DL update
that would pick it up --- my cost? ZIP==ZIP.  Have used Reuters for  2
yrs for commodities---automatic continuous contract charts-- unable to
find any other place without splicing or messing around.  When I first
signed up, I found some erroneous data.  My complaint resulted   in a
letter of apology AND an EXTRA month of data for FREE.  Perhaps I have
just been lucky, but I have nothing to complain about their service. 
On Wed, 3 Dec 1997 13:43:31 -0600 "Al Taglavore" <altag@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I am in the market for an end of day data vendor.  I am using Dow 
>News Retrieval Service now.  I have attempted to subscribe to Reuters 
>Trend Service, but find their people abusive and I have doubts 
>the integrity of their personnel.  Usually, I have found that 
>attitudes reflect the company.  Can anyone suggest a data service they 
>satisfied with?
>Thank you
>Al Taglavore