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Re: Dow Jones et al

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On Thu, 04 Dec 1997, paul <pwjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>        When using Explorer how do I write a line in the program to filter
>out the stocks that dont trade often(such as if the stock doesnt trade( no
>volume) more than 10 days out of the last 40 days,dont list it, because Ive
>noticed results of explorations come up with many stocks that only trade in
>the last day or 2 for the first time in a couple of weeks, which means they
>may pass a price/Vol breakout exploration.
>        paul
>        Melbourne
>        Australia
>        pwjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   I suggest the code for The Explorer as outlined:


    This is a good idea, and welcome to my trans-Tasman cousin.