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Re: Usefulness of IBD

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Al, I used to use TC2000, which is a great little program and has some
unique features.  However, about a year ago I switched to Quotes Plus and
have never regretted the move.  The program is less expensive than tc2k,
provides much more versatile scanning abilities, and their staff are
knowledgeable, helpful, very pleasant and they listen to suggestions.  I am
currently one of the beta testers for a new version which will have even
more features and s/b available in the new year.  I would not put off
buying until then, however, since the current program is well worth it.
Indeed, I have just renewed my subscription for version 1 for another 6
months.  I expect that the fee will be prorated when the new version is
released in final form.  

If interested, download the demo from http://www.quotes-plus.com, and visit
the SI site at

(nope, I don't work for them.  I don't even live in the same country!)


At 01:43 PM 12/3/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I am in the market for an end of day data vendor.  I am using Dow Jones
>News Retrieval Service now.  I have attempted to subscribe to Reuters Data
>Trend Service, but find their people abusive and I have doubts concerning
>the integrity of their personnel.  Usually, I have found that personnel's
>attitudes reflect the company.  Can anyone suggest a data service they are
>satisfied with?
>Thank you
>Al Taglavore