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Play it again, Sam (just one more time)

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Hey Harley,
am I right in surmising that your drive's problems are +/- permanent? For my
part, I seem to suffer catastrophic data loss about once a year; more often
from doing something excruciatingly stupid than from real hardware problems.

There is a solution, however: About a year ago I bought an Iomega Jaz drive
which I've been using quite a lot with nary a problem. I use it for backup
and for carrying my Metastock data between the office and home. The thing is
fast & reliable (so far, knock on wood). The only disadvantage is that media
are (much too!) expensive: 190,- DM for one disk here in Germany.
Btw. there is a new model to appear soon with 2 gigabyte capacity.
Happy trading,
Jan Willem Roberts

Harley Meyer wrote:

> Just wanted to let you all know that the hard drive crashed again and
> need to get thing squared away. I closed out my ONSL the other day for
> about a $200 gain. I must of been out of my mind when I didn't cover on
> YHOO around 48 1/2. It is back up around 51 again. Still in at 52. It is
> weak today so I may cover later on if it moves in to the 49 range.
> Harley