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Re: Unidentified subject!

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Here is a sample of the EasyLanguage you could use to create such a
technique assuming you are using 30-min bars and the data contains only day
session ( 12:00a - 11:59p ) activity.

if Date[1] < Date then begin
  Value0 = 1 ;
  Value1 = High ;
  Value2 = Low ;
end else
if Value0 = 1 then begin
  Plot1(Value1, "1st30minHi") ;
  Plot2(Value2, "1st30minLo") ;
end ;

Best regards,

Benjamin Blanco,
EasyLanguageŽ Specialist
( former TradeStation Technologies, Inc. employee of six years )

EasyLanguage is a registered trademarks of TradeStation Technologies, Inc.

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Hello omega-list,

Could someone help me with a simple indicator.
I want to plot two lines across the chart for the entire day.
value1: High of first 30 minutes bar
value2: Low of first 30 minutes bar
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Best regards,
 vlad                          mailto:9m9@xxxxxxx