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AW: AW: Unidentified subject!

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I knew it.... thinking about it I was thinking of buying yesterdays high at
"current bar" {today}". See, since I code today I am thinking that way....
but ofcourse you are right.

Second, what Iwas thinking of is the kind of data update that we have in
Germany. You can update your EOD data during the day. So you only see one
bar, but you see the action of the current day. So if you use a simple
formula like:

buy at High today plus ATR yesterday stop;............ then you will never
get filled on these data because the next time you update your EOD data the
High today will be not the one from your last update. I am not sure wether
that is confusing or not. Anyway, that kind of strategie would only work
with ID data.


Volker Knapp

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  ++Von: Gary Fritz [mailto:fritz@xxxxxxxx]
  ++Gesendet: Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2002 16:39
  ++An: Volker Knapp
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  ++Betreff: Re: AW: Unidentified subject!
  ++> If C[1] > C[2] then
  ++> buy {today} at H[1] {yesterday} + (C[1]/100) stop;
  ++Careful.  You can't buy "today" (on the current bar) with a stop.
  ++Not with TS, anyway, I don't know how WLD2 handles it.  :-)
  ++If you're using daily bars, then that comment in your code should
  ++read "buy {tomorrow} at H[1] {yesterday} ... "
  ++System code in TS executes at the **CLOSE** of the bar.  At the close
  ++it is TOO LATE to buy on a stop in the current bar.  All you can do
  ++is issue an order to buy or sell at the CLOSING PRICE of the current
  ++bar, or the OPEN of the next bar, or at a stop price in the next bar.
  ++> Of course it will not execute on the H[0] bar, because H[0] +
  ++> (C[1]/100) is always equal to H[0], if it ever gets there.
  ++H[0] + (C[1]/100) = H[0] ??  You lost me there.  If I remember my 3rd
  ++grade math correctly, X + Y = X only if Y = 0, and C[1]/100 should
  ++not be 0 for almost any tradeable commodity.