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Re: Dual monitors

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Hi Ian,

I don't have any experience with Matrox cards, but I've been running dual
monitors (analog/digital LCD's) on ATI Radeon cards under Win2k for quite
some time without any problems.  Installation was a snap and if I can do it
without any problems then it really must be easy...:).

Their base Radeon VE card sells for about $100 and works quite well if you
don't need the additional horsepower of their 7500/8500 series.

Hope this helps,

Bob Heisler

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> I found some references to this a while back but I'd be grateful for any
> up-to-date information about dual monitors and dual graphics cards that
> anyone would be kind enough to pass on.
> I'm looking to get a new PC and would like to get a good performance
> from the graphics side. I've heard some folks say the Matrox cards are
> not so hot and the ATI not much better!
> Would very much appreciate any opinions.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Ian