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RE: DTN Global Server ver 822 quietly quitting - Bad Mojo ?

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What exactly is the problem:  It seemed to me that the Global Server
never properly supported DTN, and TRAD has refused to update the
Global Server as DTN's feed has changed.  Those software updates are
mandatory under TRAD's vendor contract with DTN.

So TS2000 user's solution to TRAD's failure is to post complaints
about DTN, complain to DTN customer support, request P-codes
(what-ever those are), and try to get Dyanstore to do patch/program.
Meanwhile TRAD will quietly drop support for TS2000.

By comparison with another product I've been running 24-hours a day
since I installed DTN's new feed last summer.  The Server receives up
to 8 million ticks/bids/asks a day, has never crashed my server, and
the server receivers e-mini transaction volume.

It seems to me it was TRAD that got you into this by saying TS 2000
supported DTN.  Now perhaps a class action suit against TRAD is
necessary to get the Global Server to properly DTN.  An Ethernet
connection is mandatory for DTN's high-speed satellite and D8080

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