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Re: BLAMING OmegaResearchCrooks or accepting responsibility

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At 6:43 PM -0500 1/20/02, TaoOfDow wrote:

>All I'm saying is that I support the Cruz Bros. doing whatever the Cruz. Bros.
>believe is in their own self-interests --- THEY GET TO CHOOSE what's best for
>them, just like every one of us gets to choose what's best for each of us. 

Not quite.

That was the case when they were a private company but they decided
to take the company public and now it is owned by their shareholders.

They are now "officers" and "employees" who serve at the option of
the Board of Directors, who have a fiduciary responsibility to do
what is best for their stockholders.

Based upon the stock price, one could question whether the interest
of the stockholders is being served well.

Bob Fulks