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Re: Activity Bar signals and indicators

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One problem I found witht he Activity Bar high and low zone levels is that
they don't always update properly when realtime data is being used.  That
would affect the values for the developing bar.  One difference in the AB's
and Market Profiles is that the AB's center the distribution box on the
longest row of cells(mode price) whereas MP's position the box on the best
fit of ~70% of the TPO's or cells which is often not the same as Mode Price.
Getting on to the coding, have you tried using the AB functions of
AB_ModePrice and the AB_StdDev?  Upper level would be either AB_ModePrice +
0.5*AB_StdDev or +AB_StdDev.  I haven't tried coding for these but have been
thinking about it.


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Subject: Activity Bar signals and indicators

> Anyone know how to program signals and indicators for Activity Bars? I
> to write a system that uses the high and low zone levels, but I get errors
> when I verify. It seems that you may not be able to refer to activity bar
> data from signal and indicator code. Any help would be appreciated.
> I'm getting pretty good with Easy Language programming, but I've ordered
> two books on the subject from Trader's Press in hopes of taking my skills
> the next level. Maybe there will be something in those books about
> programming systems based on Activity Bar data.
> What I want to do is write and backtest some systems based on Market
> Profile. We have found that the Price Distribution and Volume Distribution
> Activity Bars are the same as Market Profile. Now if I can just figure out
> how to program systems with them.....
> Ron Hudson  MCSD, MCDBA
> Huntington Beach, CA
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