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Re: Video card for 4 monitors

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One option is to get another G450.  Win2000 supports as many video cards as 
you can jam into your computer.   The only weirdness I've noticed with this 
approach is that if you have an application window that is open but not 
maximized on one or both of the pair of monitors that connect to one dual 
monitor card, then maximize that window, it only maximizes to fill up those 
two monitors.  Similarly for the other pair of monitors.  It's almost like 
having two semi-independent desktops each covering two monitors.  You can 
manually stretch your application window over all 4 monitors but as soon as 
you maximize it, it snaps back to covering just the two 'home' 
monitors.    The user who has this system doesn't find this weirdness to be 
a problem.

If you're running WIN-NT and for some strange reason don't want to upgrade, 
you could get a Colorgraphics S3 LT IV card, but I've had problems with 
those and don't recommend them.  On one PC, two different copies (bought at 
different times) of the Colorgraphics card failed to configure properly 
under Windows 2000.  The mouse pointer image can move freely across all 4 
monitors, but when you try to move an application window off the primary 
monitor, it just disappears.   After recommending I upgrade the bios, 
technical support stopped returning my calls.  These cards do seem to work 
more or less as advertised under NT.

At 1/19/2002 09:12 PM, erwilm45@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Hello List,
>Can you please share your thoughts on video cards that support four
>monitors?  I'm using a Matrox G450 dual monitor setup, and am looking
>to upgrade.
>Thanks in advance.