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protecting el code?

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Other than entering a receiving client's customer number into
the EL code and then checking that static number with the result
of CustomerID at run-time, is there any to protect EL code?

If the source-protected EL code is imported into TS (TS6 in this
case), is there any way to prevent that same code from being
re-exported and then re-imported to another instance of TS?

I know there is a commercial license piece of code that can
be inserted into EL code, but is there *any* way to protect
intellectual property without using something commercial
like this? I have a DLL that accepts the CustomerID and
checks the serial number of C:, then goes through a protocol
with a server that authenticates those two values and allows
the EL code to run, but this is way more complex that I prefer
for a pc-based 'production' environment. I'm looking for
other solutions and thoughts.