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Re: Continual TS 2000i Global Server freeze at nightly maintenance ?

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Suggestions and guesses to try one at a time.  First change the maintenance
time to halfway between the day session and night session so you can monitor
it while awake.
1. Reduce the baudrate to 230K.  Some receivers have problems at 430K.  The
GS may have problems reconnecting after maintenance.
2. Since it happens everynight there might be a registry error.  The hex
instruction looks like something that might be seen in the reg...could be
total BS on this one...just guessing.
3. If it is truly a memory error, then try running the machine with one less
stick, do the maintenance and see if the stick can be located or..
3.a Swap memory stick locations and see if the error changes although
referenced memory may not apply here.
4. Try a different update time.  DTN does updates 4 times a day and the GS
may have a problem communicating after its maintenance is done.
5. Make sure no other programs are running during maintenance.  Close
everything possible except the Windows Task Monitor and watch the Phyusical
Memory Available and compare it to the Total.  See it the Available drops to
a low level in comparison to Total.

anyother suggestions?


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Subject: Continual TS 2000i Global Server freeze at nightly maintenance ?

> Suggestions to fix this appreciated:
> Anybody ever experienced Global server version 822
> freezing or crashing only during nightly maintenance
> (consistently, every night).
> I've got DTN feed using Win 2000 OS service pack 2,
> not running any other programs. 512 MB RAM, New Abit
> KG-7 motherboard, AMD 1600XP CPU, 800MB pagefile,
> Byterunner high speed serial card set to 460,800 on
> COM 4 and DTN receiver to match. Scandisk and defrag
> performed often.
> Error message states:
> Server.exe - Application error
> The instruction "0x6c371351" referenced memory
> at "0x00000004". The memory could not be read.
> Click on OK to terminate the program.
> Any suggestions appreciated - search of web and groups
> only shows Macromedia Dreamweaver software users
> experiencing same error code on occassion. My server
> crashes EVERY night.
> Shadow