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Re: TS4data

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Question 1
1)In excel save the file as a Text (tab delimited) or
CSV (comma delimited) file.
2)Import the text or csv file into TS4
Also, I'm not a tech guru, but I believe a prn file
can be imported directly into TS4.  In fact, I believe
all of the data I used to import into TS4 was prn.
Question 2&3
Great link and resource


--- Compra dun <compradun@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I can download data from quote.com into a .prn file.
> Is there anyway to 
> convert this to TS4 usable data? Is there a
> shareware utility? Is there 
> anyway to convert ts2000i data into a usable format
> for ts4?