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Re: Data import/export

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I keep saying on this list that you have to save the entire Server folder
not just the PDS folder.
That is just for your data backup. A full backup requires the MY Work,
Custom Symbol lists and Universe Folders.

Jim Bronke
Phoenix, AZ

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From: "Michel Gaudette" <michelg1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Omega list" <omega-list@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 1:15 PM
Subject: Data import/export

: I have religiously exported my data from the ...\omega\server\pds to
: another drive (via the global server's export data, global server
: format) every week
: I export all the symbols into 1 "global" file.
: The other day I needed to import all the data and when I was importing
: that global file in global server,  I kept getting a "not a global server
: format"
: error message, and there was no other way to import the data.
: There was about 2 years of data.
: I understand that this is a TS product, but does anyone have an idea
: about how to export/save/backup data in a way that it will in fact be
: saved and accessible when needed?
: Thanks
: Michel