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Re: CL_DTN init Sun

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My task manager is showing occassional spikes in the cpu Usage that makes me
think Monday will have a higer % useage than previously.


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Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 3:45 PM
Subject: CL_DTN init Sun

>     I have a computer config with the "new Regit
> Chart Timeout " i.e. or_DTN32.dll Ver 5.01.0822
> and another as I had it last week (Ver 5.00.0822).
>     So far (1545), with only DXY being Txed and Rec'd
> both computers recording same no of Ticks, NO Volume
> and same changes to pds.  All Times EASTERN.
>     1830:  Now with NQ & ES trading, I am receiving the
> same No ticks on Both Computers and there is No Volume
> being recorded in GS.  CPUs running less than 2%, due minimal
> activity.
>     Therefore; so far, I believe BobR has it correct.
> If were are bombarded tomorrow, I'd agree with Shadow
> but change the Load to Cruz Bros. as that removed from
> the gutters of my Grandfather's Barn, after milking, - -  vice
> the asphalt recommended.
> Trade Well & Smart,
> John