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RE: TS6 - T&S Capture???

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How about the other way, i.e. using 3rd party data (records prior to TS6's
database) and putting into the cache to merge with TS6 data stream? The idea
would be to increase the historical tick or 1-min data for testing in TS6.

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To:             C Slemaker

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The following was found on Traders2traders.com.  Link is:


The only necessary is to change on the input line  "Cval©; " to "Cval(0); "

I hope this accomplishes what you want.

Barry Silberman

Write TS data to a file

(written by Chris Cheatham)

You can create an indicator to write an ascii file of whatever you like.

Here's an example of how to do it.

Input: DIR("c:\"), NAME("filename"), oval(o), hval(h), Lval(l),Cval©;

If currentbar = 1 then filedelete(DIR+name +".txt");

If currentbar >= 1 then FileAppend(DIR+name +".txt",

NumToStr(month(date),0) +"/"+ NumToStr(FracPortion(date/100)*100,0) + "/" +

NumToStr(1900+year(date),0) +","+ NumToStr(oval,4) + "," + NumToStr(hval,4)

+ "," +

NumToStr(lval,4) + "," + NumToStr(cval,4) + newline );

if c<> c then plot1(1," ");

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Subject: TS6 - T&S Capture???

> Does anyone know if there is a way to capture to an ASCII file the


> of a TS6 time-&-sales window?


> Thanks.

> Carroll S.