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Re: CL_DTN dll I instructions

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Forgive this off topic paragraph before I get to the
meat below . . . 

Why don't we all throw in $5 each and pool together to
pay a P.I. to go find out the Cruz Bros. addresses,
telephones, cellphones, emails, shrinks ., etc. and
then call all the fast food places in Miami telling
them to deliver to their addresses at all hours of the
night. Also, call topsoil and asphalt delivery ("just
put it on my tab and dump it in the middle of my
driveway next to the street - I'll be needing at least
10 yards . . ." ).  I used to have a friend in the
tree business that would back up in the drive & dump a
huge load of sawdust and stumps like that in the
middle of the night on any bastard who screwed you
over for a measley $50. Hell, call a wrecker to tow
his car off (". . . it won't start, and I'm leaving
for vacation now - just tow it to "Busters" on the
East side of Miami"). Paying a P.I. a few more bucks
to snap a photo with telephoto lense of Bill's face
the next morning standing in his driveway would be
priceless for posting on the net.

Check it yourself - the file size of those .dll files
in bytes is 258,048 for BOTH the old and new .dll file
on my computer. The only difference is <somebody>
changed the version from 5.00.0822 to 5.01.0822 in the
newer .dll.

Now, it's very unusual to make any decent changes to
code and then compile it and get the exact same file
size. Go figure on that one.

The least we can do is all go short on TRAD stock.


--- BobR <bobrabcd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At any point did you export all your data, rename
> the PDS as OLDPDS and then
> import all the data and let a new PDS be created? 
> That one writeup about
> the reg mod seemed to indicate that the mod should
> be done before new data
> came in.  It even said to disconnect the RS232
> connection if necessary until
> the mod was made so new data didn't get into the GS
> until the mod was done.
> Maybe the CTREE error is the result of mixing the
> old PDS data with new
> data.  Beats me what that export and import does
> other than reduce the size
> of the PDS file.  Mine took up half the byte space
> after the reimport.  Its
> hard to understand why changing a TimeOutRequest
> value in the registry would
> have any effect on this.  The change of 3c hex to
> 500 decimal lengthens the
> timeout from 3c hex to 1f4hex or 60 decimal to 500
> decimal.  Omega must have
> expected something to take longer to occur.  Doesn't
> anyone on this list
> live near Omega's front door so you could walk in
> and see if anyone is home?
> Maybe ask some pertinant questions and get first
> hand answers?
> bobr
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: <ribau@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: <omega-list@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 3:13 PM
> Subject: Re: CL_DTN dll I instructions
> > It gets more interesting. I had occasion to reboot
> my unaltered TS2Ki. The
> > GlobalServer came up fine and seemed to run well.
> Then I started charting,
> > the hard drive ground for about four minutes as
> the charts opened and then
> > I received this error message:
> >
> >    GlobalServer
> >    <D:\ordev\server\pds\PriceDataStorage.cpp:2607>
> >    PDS Error - PDS Encountered a CTree Error.(36)
> >    <D:\ordev\server\hist_buf.cpp:341>
> >
> > I rebooted the whole mess again with the same
> result. I installed the
> patch
> > file (or_dtn.dll dated 11/06/01) Omega tech
> emailed me and tried again
> with
> > the same results. I went back to the original dll
> and made the suggested
> > registry changes. Same results. Reg changes with
> the new dll, same
> results.
> >
> > The charts look ok, and the server seems to
> collect quotes (as indicated
> on
> > the performance tab). But, looks like Monday is an
> unscheduled vacation
> day
> > for DTN users. Why are we still beta testing TS2Ki
> when SP5 has been out
> > nearly two years? I hope Bill and Ralph are having
> a great weekend.
> >
> > I just spoke with tech support at DTN and was told
> that this was the first
> > they had heard of TS2Ki customers having problems.
> Everyone having
> problems
> > should tell them to kheinz@xxxxxxx tonight. Ken
> said he would have a
> > supervisor in tomorrow to look into the problems.
> >