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RE: CL_DTN fix

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Per the other post get rid of 98 first thing.  Suggest you do a clean install of Windows 2000 Pro.  If you defrag with the Windows defragger it sometimes causes minor problems for me.  May not for others.  I don't run virus software real time.  I've had lots of crashes due to system work or corrupt workspaces or other things of my own doing but I have never seen a crash that called dtn32.dll as the problem.  The GS never crashes on me only charting.  I'm only collecting on 22,661 symbols and some of them are not real time, probably only 13,000.


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John & group:

I hope it solves my problems.  I've been crashing
global server under TS 2000i ver. 822 several times
each day for weeks now.

Even upgraded my system to new Abit KG-7 motherboard
with 512 MB RAM, 1600 Athlon Palomino CPU, WIN 98,
defrag hard drives daily, run nightly maintentance,
followed all Omega knowledge base articles on removing
start up files, created separte swap partition, etc.

tried everything - got any suggestions ? - Norton
Crashguard continually states that Global server
crashed DTN32.DLL.

Running high speed Byterunner serial card at 460,800 
bytes on Comm3. DTN receiver set to match at 460,800.


--- John Mc Kenzie <intruderjohn@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Fix called or_dtn32.dll is here
> [  
> ftp.omegaresearch.com/pub/updates/2000i_dtn_patch  
> ]
> Trade Well & Smart,
> John